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permet d'ajouter des fieldsets dans l'affichage dans views


Status : Published
Projects : Modules
Maintenance status : Actively maintained
Development status : Under active development
Supported Branches : 4.0., 8.x-3.
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This module is maintained by Ukrainian developers.
Please consider supporting Ukraine in a fight for their freedom and safety of Europe.

Creates fieldset (and details and div) in Views fields output, to group fields, by adding a new field: "Global: Fieldset" and a few preprocessors. Also introduces a new template: views-fieldsets-fieldset.tpl.php where you can customize your fieldset output.


  1. Download & install
  2. Open existing view or create new
  3. Add fields
  4. Add field "Global: Fieldset" and customize settings (html tag, collapsible, tokens etc)
  5. Add more fields?
  6. Rearrange fields to drag normal fields under Fieldset fields. You can nest fieldsets.
  7. Result will be visible in Preview


There are several new templates. You can specify the filename the Views way. See Theme: Information for theme hook suggestion specifics. Availables:

  • views-fieldsets-fieldset.tpl.php
  • views-fieldsets-fieldset--events.tpl.php
  • views-fieldsets-fieldset--default.tpl.php (all tags)
  • views-fieldsets-fieldset--default.tpl.php (per tag)
  • views-fieldsets-fieldset--page.tpl.php
  • views-fieldsets-fieldset--events--page.tpl.php

And of course the related preprocessors: template_preprocess_views_fieldsets_fieldset(), template_preprocess_views_fieldsets_fieldset__events() etc.

Version 2

2.x will have better template naming. 3 different theme functions for 3 different kind of fieldsets:

  • fieldset with legend
  • div without title
  • details with optional title

It will also support custom types. See .api.php.

If you only ever used the normal fieldset, it will be fully backward compatible with 1.x. Test well anyway!

Views Grouping

The module is not compatible with Views grouping fields (found within "Format > Settings" of the view). If attempting to add a fieldset wrapper to a set of fields grouped by another field, override the relevant Views template. Use Theme: information to find which one.

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