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permet d'avoir un site base url token dans views


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This module provides a site base URL token in Views. The main purpose of this module is to create a link with absolute path through "Global:Custom text" option.

Why use this module:

You can also create custom links though Drupal l() function, in this case you have to use Views PHP module. The code is stored in database, hence it will not be cached. PHP execution through eval() is slow. This module eliminates this problem.


  • Select field formatter in view, and add "Global: Base url"
  • Select "Exclude from display" option.
  • Create custom link by adding a "Global:Custom text"
  • Create link like this: <a href="[base_url]/home">My home page</a>

Other features:

  • Create custom absolute link in Views
  • Respect url aliases - link will be rendered as alias (if alias exists)
  • Create image links. Just use image field replacement pattern (say {{ field_image }}) in link text
  • Respect current language of the site - links will be generated based on current of the site


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