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permet dimporter une taxo via csv ou xml avec hiérarchie


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Taxonomy Import
This module provides an administrator user can create a vocabulary and import data from a file (with extension .csv or .xml is preferred) as taxonomy terms into it. It is possible to create hierarchy based taxonomies provided via the import file.

The module name is taxonomy_import. Download and enable the module first. From the configuration page, click on 'Taxonomy Import' . This will display a form with two fields: Vocabulary name and Import file. Please enter the vocabulary name which we want to create. Note that, the vocabulary name can be reused. Then select a CSV or XML file to be imported (refer README.txt or the image, import.png attached). Finally click on Import button. After Import, this will be redirected to taxonomy overview page with terms created from the imported file.

The new config & settings pages related to Taxonomy Import module on admin/config:

  • Settings: admin/config/content/settings_import_taxonomy
  • Taxonomy import: admin/config/content/import_taxonomy

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