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permet de créer une permission pour télécharger un fichier privé par rôle


Status : Published
Projects : Modules
Maintenance status : Minimally maintained
Development status : Maintenance fixes only
Supported Branches : 3.1.
shield Stable releases for this project are covered by the security advisory policy.


Version 7.x-1.x provided "two useful features which Drupal itself is missing: a simple permission to allow downloading of private files by role, plus the ability to combine both public and private downloads".
Version 7.x-2.x removed the "global" permission and implemented a per-directory by-user and by-role filter instead, to let the administrator better tweak the whole website and increment the overall security.
The 8.x port was rewritten from scratch, but many thanks to Paris Liakos and Andrey Kovtun for their precious help and hints.
The 3.x branch was created for Drupal 9 (although it currently supports Drupal 8.8.3+).

Idea and code (mostly for version 7.x-1.x) were inspired by
The 7.x-2.x development was partly sponsored by Cooperativa Italiana Artisti.

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