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permet de décorréler le form de changement de mot de passe de celui de l'utilisateur


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A request that I got from multiple clients is to have a separate password change form. The current Password mechanism on the User account page is a little bit confusing.


The Password Separate Form module provides a separate password change form.
By default, it comes with a user account page that little bit confusing for end-users. This module would help to make this form as a separate form to help end
users, there is no need to change these fields every time if you are editing
some other fields on the user account page.


  • Go to People page and edit any user account. You can also access directly user page, if you know user uid using /user/%uid/edit. Here %uid is user uid.
  • Once you will click on edit link, you will find there is no Password related fields, one additional tab is there Change Password.
  • Click on the "Change Password" tab you will see now you have separate form to manage password.

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