Memcache API and Integration

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permet une intégration avec memcache


Status : Published
Projects : Modules
Maintenance status : Actively maintained
Development status : Under active development
Supported Branches : 8.x-2.
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7.x-1.7 regression

If you're using the 7.x branch of Memcache, please be aware that 7.x-1.7 (released 16 July 2020) introduced an unintentional dependency on PHP 7. This is fixed in 7.x-1.8.


This module provides integration between Drupal and Memcached with the following features:

  • An API for using Memcached and the PECL Memcache or Memcached libraries with Drupal.
  • Memcache backends for the following systems (all drop-in):
    • Caching (
    • Locking (
    • Sessions ( (D6 only)
  • A module that provides a comprehensive administrative overview of Drupal's interaction with Memcached and stats.
  • A set of tests that can be run to test your memcache setup.


The most complete and up to date documentation is included with the module, in the README.txt file.

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