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Status : Published
Projects : Modules
Maintenance status : Actively maintained
Development status : Under active development
Supported Branches : 2.0., 8.x-1.
shield Stable releases for this project are covered by the security advisory policy.


Adds the Matomo web statistics tracking system to your website.

The module allows you to add the following statistics features to your site:

  • Single/multi domain tracking
  • Selectively track/exclude certain users, roles and pages
  • Monitor what type of links are tracked (downloads, outgoing and mailto)
  • Monitor what files are downloaded from your pages
  • Cache the Matomo code on your local server for improved page loading times
  • Custom variables support with tokens (D7 only)
  • Custom code snippets
  • Site Search
  • Drupal messages tracking
  • Modal dialog tracking (Colorbox)
  • Access denied (403) and Page not found (404) tracking
  • User ID tracking across devices
  • DoNotTrack support
  • Asynchronous tracking
  • Matomo Tag manager


  • a Matomo version 3.3.0 or later is required
  • a Matomo website ID


In the settings page (/admin/config/system/matomo), enter your Matomo website

All pages will now have the required JavaScript added to the HTML footer.

You can confirm this by viewing the page source from your browser.

More info in the file.

Related modules

  • Matomo Reports provides graphical reporting of your site's tracking data inside Drupal.
  • Matomo Reporting API provides an API to retrieve statistics from Matomo.
  • Matomo noscript if you may need to track the ~1% of users with disabled javascript and search engine bots that may destroy your statistics.


Current maintainers:

Previous maintainers:

  • Alexander Hass (hass)

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