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permet d'implementer une classe de mail pour formater les emails


Status : Published
Projects : Modules
Maintenance status : Actively maintained
Development status : Under active development
Supported Branches : 8.x-4.
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Provides an Administrative UI and Developers API for managing the used mail backend/plugin.

The module is ready to be used in Drupal 8, there are no known issues.

Allows to use different backends for formatting and sending e-mails by default, per module and per mail key. Additionally, a theme can be configured that is used for sent mails. In Drupal 7, that must be enabled for each template, in Drupal 8, it works reliably for any template being rendered while building and sending e-mails.

Administrative UI

The administrative interface is at admin/config/system/mailsystem (Drupal 8) oradmin/settings/mailsystem (Drupal 7).

Used by:

Any mail backend can be used and configured with this module. In Drupal 8, this has specifically been tested with Swiftmailer.

For Drupal 7, the following modules are commonly used to send HTML mails:

Developers API

See the documentation page

References Drupal 7

drupal_mail_system() API documentation:

MailSystemInterface API documentation:

Creating HTML formatted mails in Drupal 7:

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