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permet en développement de catcher tous les mails pour faire des tests


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Supported Branches : 2.0.
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A simple and safe way to test and debug outgoing emails without having to worry that all your users will get unwanted emails.
Mail Safety provides a dashboard which catches and logs all outgoing mails.


  • Dashboard that catches all outgoing e-mail
  • Protect your development, test and staging environment by catching e-mails
  • Able to view all mails that are caught by Mail Safety
  • Debug all mails and see their options and structure
  • Able to send the caught e-mails to their original recipient
  • Able to redirect a caught e-mail to a specific recipient
  • Able to redirect all e-mails to a specific recipient

Similar modules

This module is similar to some existing mail modules but more focused on being a safety net and more precise debugging and testing.

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