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permet d'ajouter une box ajax pour ajouter des liens dans le wysiwyg via CKEditor


Status : Published
Projects : Modules
Maintenance status : Actively maintained
Development status : Under active development
Supported Branches : 6.0., 6.1., 8.x-5.
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Linkit provides an autocomplete interface for internal and external linking in rich-text editors. Linkit supports nodes, users, taxonomy terms, files, comments and basic support for all types of entities that define a canonical link template.

Drupal core will soon provide link autocomplete suggestions in CKEditor similar to what this module does. Sites using or considering using Linkit should follow this core issue to evaluate whether they can use the core solution instead of Linkit. See feature differences below to compare what Linkit includes that will not initially be in Drupal core.

Screenshot of Linkit autocomplete using CKEditor 5


Drupal core will provide link autocomplete suggestions in CKEditor. Below is a list of features included in Linkit which will not initially be in Drupal core.

  • Configurable autocomplete on link fields.
  • Ability to configure metadata (with token support) for autcomplete suggestions
  • Ability to control number of items shown
  • Ability to toggle published/unpublished entities in suggestions
  • IMCE integration
  • Pluggable, configurable, and alterable matchers
  • Pluggable, configurable, and alterable attributes
As of Linkit 6.0.0-rc1, this module's autocomplete functionality can be used with a standard Drupal Link field. To do so, configure the widget on the "Manage form display" page by selecting the "Linkit" option in the dropdown, and configure the formatter on "Manage display" likewise.



After the installation, you have to create a Linkit profile. The profile will contain information about which plugins to use. Profiles can be created at /admin/config/content/linkit.

When you have created a profile, you need to enable the Linkit plugin on the text format you want to use. Formats are found at admin/config/content/formats.

Related modules

Linkit for Drupal 9/10

Active development is happening in the 6.x branch. For planning of future releases, see LinkIt Release Roadmap and Issue Prioritization.

Linkit for Drupal 7

More information about Linkit for Drupal 7 can be found at

Plugins examples

There are plugin implementation examples in the linkit_test module bundled with Linkit core.

Version Status

  • 6.x
    Active development.
  • 8.x-5.x
  • 8.x-4.x
    No further development.
  • 7.x-3.x
    Maintenance only.
  • 7.x-2.x
    No further development.
  • 7.x-1.x
    Not maintained.
  • 6.x-1.x
    No further development.

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