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permet l'intégration de la librairie jQuery UI Droppable


Status : Published
Projects : Modules
Maintenance status : Seeking new maintainer
Development status : Maintenance fixes only
Supported Branches : 2.0., 2.1., 8.x-1.
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Drupal 8 includes jQuery UI in core, however it is no longer actively maintained and has been marked deprecated. This module provides the jQuery UI Droppable library for any themes and modules that require it.

Caution: jQuery UI was deprecated from core because it is no longer actively maintained, and has been marked “End of Life” by the OpenJS Foundation. It is not recommended to depend on jQuery UI in your own code, and instead to select a replacement solution as soon as possible.


  1. Install this module, the jQuery UI module and the jQuery UI draggable module
  2. Change any references in your theme or module from core/jquery.ui.droppable to jquery_ui_droppable/droppable


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