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permet d'ajouter plus d'effets pour les images.


Status : Published
Projects : Modules
Maintenance status : Actively maintained
Development status : Under active development
Supported Branches : 4.0., 8.x-3.
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The Image Effects module provides a suite of additional image effects that can be added to image styles. Image Effects tries to support both the GD toolkit from Drupal core and the ImageMagick toolkit.

For an updated list of effects available, see the README file.

Please note that there may be effects that are not supported by all toolkits, or that provide different results with different toolkits.

Image effects UI components:

The module also provides UI components that can be used in the image effects configuration forms:

  • Form API element for color selection
  • Pluggable color selectors - HTML color element, Farbtastic, JQuery Colorpicker (requires the JQuery Colorpicker module)
  • Pluggable image selectors - Basic, Dropdown
  • Pluggable font selectors - Basic, Dropdown


  1. The module *MUST* be installed using Composer, that allows installing also its dependencies. See Download contributed modules and themes using Composer.
  2. Image module from Drupal core.
  3. One of the available image toolkits:

Branches and installation

Require the module via composer, then enable the module as usual. This will download both the module release appropriate for the Drupal version in use, and any dependency.


Check the Image Effects configuration page (Manage > Configuration > Media > Image Effects), and choose the UI components that effects provided by this module should use for selecting colors, images, fonts.

A note about the origin of this module

This module is the successor of the ImageCache Actions Drupal 7 module. It also incorporates image effects that were part of the Drupal 7 versions of the ImageMagick, Textimage, FiltersIE, Smart Crop and ImageMagick Raw Effect modules.


Contributions to the module are welcome! Please read carefully the file for developers' instructions.

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