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permet d'ajouter le titre de la page dans le breadcrumb avec les répertoires de l'url


Status : Published
Projects : Modules
Maintenance status : Actively maintained
Development status : Under active development
Supported Branches : 2.0.
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The Easy Breadcrumb module updates the core Breadcrumb block to include the current page title in the breadcrumb. The module also comes with additional settings that are common features needed in breadcrumbs.

Breadcrumbs use the current URL (path alias) and the current page title to build the crumbs. The module is designed to work out of the box with no adjustments, and it comes with settings to customize the crumbs.


URL: /gallery/videos/kittens

Breadcrumbs: Home >> Gallery >> Videos >> Cute Kittens

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To start using it, just go to the admin modules page (URL admin/modules/list), locate and activate it under the category "others", then go to the blocks list page (URL admin/structure/block) and locate the block named "Breadcrumb", and configure it like any other block (region, URLs, etc.).

The configuration page of this module is under Admin > Configuration > User Interface > Easy Breadcrumb (URL admin/config/user-interface/easy-breadcrumb).

  • Include / Exclude the current page title as a segment
  • Include / Exclude on admin paths
  • Add JsonLD metadata for breadcrumbs
  • Replace titles with simple regex
  • Optionally add the language as a crumb
  • Optionally include taxonomy hierarchy
  • Truncate the maximum length of a crumb title
  • Include / Exclude invalid path alias as plain-text segments
  • Exclude some paths from the segments to be generated
  • Include / Exclude the front page as a segment in the breadcrumb
  • Customize the title of the front page segment in the breadcrumb
  • Use the real page's title when it is available instead of deducing it from the URL
  • Print the page's title as a link or as plain-text segment
  • Limit the total number of crumbs
  • Choose a transformation mode for the segments' title
  • Make the 'capitalizator' ignore some words (words not to be capitalized)



Original author: Roger Padilla Camacho (sonemonu) - Drupal 7

Easy Breadcrumb Logo by Nico Grienauer (Grienauer)

Similar Modules

Easy Breadcrumb can be mixed and matched with other breadcrumb modules using block visibility settings.

  • Current Page Crumb - Add the current page to crumbs with no configuration options.
  • Custom Breadcrumbs - Takes more work to set up, and it has fewer configuration options, but it allows you to build arbitrary crumbs unrelated to the path of the page.
  • Menu Breadcrumb - Sets breadcrumbs based entirely on a menu structure and requires putting all content into a menu.

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