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permet d'ajouter une API de crop d'image


Status : Published
Projects : Modules
Maintenance status : Seeking co-maintainer(s)
Development status : Under active development
Supported Branches : 8.x-2.
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Provides basic API for image cropping. This module won't do much by itself. Users should pick one of UI modules that utilize this API.


This is API module. In order to crop your images you need a UI module. There are currently two UI modules that use Crop API:

8.x-2.x branch information

8.x-2.x is a branch with support for the core media entity. You should only update to this version if you are using core version. If you are still using contrib version of Media entity keep using 8.x-1.x versions. If you are not using Media entity at all, it should not make any difference.

We strongly suggest to test the upgrade in a testing environment before rolling it to production.

Technical details

Initial discussion can be found on manual crop issue queue.

Crop API logo was created by @woprrr.

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