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permet d'avoir un field formateur pour créer un graphique via un fichier source type CSV


Status : Published
Projects : Modules
Maintenance status : Minimally maintained
Development status : Maintenance fixes only
Supported Branches : 2.0., 8.x-1.
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Chart Suite provides file field formatters to chart file data for tables, trees, and graphs. A variety of well-known textual file formats are supported, including comma-separated values (CSV), tab-separated values (TSV), HTML tables, and JSON tables, trees, and graphs in common array and object style schemas.


Site administrators may use the Chart Suite module, along with the core Field UI and View UI modules, to configure the way in which a file field's file data is presented. Once configured, the formatter automatically reads and presents interactive charts of a file's content when the user views a page containing the file field. Charts support line and area plots, scatter plots, bar and pie charts, and tree diagrams.

Chart Suite module could also be configured for use with the FolderShare module


  • PHP 7.x.
  • The module includes a copy of the Structured Data API from the San Diego
    Supercomputer Center (SDSC). The library is located in the "libraries" folder.
  • The module uses the free Google Charts service, which is accessed by
    including a Javascript library served by Google. That library loads further
    libraries on demand from Google. Due to the way Google Charts is structured
    and its terms of service, its Javascript libraries cannot be served locally
    so those files cannot be included in this module.


A. Visit > Create Sandbox Website > Visit your sandbox site > Visit 'Data' > Visit 'Sample Folder' > Visit 'Vis Showcase' > Click to open any CSV, HTM or JSON file in a listing to see the visualization. The Chart Suite module parses these files and generates automatic visualization for supported file types.

B. Do it yourself by launching a sandbox site at then follow these steps

  1. Create a new content type, lets call it Chart
  2. Add a file field to 'Chart' content type, then allow CSV, HTM, HTML, JSON files
  3. Under Manage Display for the 'Chart' content type, change the file field formatter from generic to Chart Suite.
  4. Download a set of CSV, htm and JSON files for testing
  5. Add a new 'Chart' entity, upload files in CSV or JSON files
  6. View the newly added entity that should display a chart.


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