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permet de créer un champs dans lequel on ajoute une entité sous forme de bloc


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Supported Branches : 8.x-1.
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About this Module

The Block Field module provides a field that allows a content entity to reference and configure custom block instances.

Use Cases

  • Add blocks to a node's sidebar.
  • Add blocks to paragraph.
  • Create a carousel of content and configurable blocks.


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  1. Copy/upload the block_field.module to the modules directory of your Drupal installation.

  2. Enable the 'Block field' module in 'Extend'. (/admin/modules)

  3. Add the 'Block (plugin)' field to any content entity


  • The Block field's block instances are stored as configuration, which is good thing, since site builders and editors can easily tweak them with impacting any configuration management.

  • All content blocks from the 'Custom Block Library' are available.

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