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Next Major version

Drupal 9.5 & Drupal 10 compliant with weekly running tests (ensure stability) for both versions.


permet l'ajout d'extension Twig pour afficher des blocs, des vues, des champs ou des entités


Status : Published
Projects : Modules
Maintenance status : Actively maintained
Development status : Under active development
Supported Branches : 6.0., 8.x-5.
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All the Twig features you missed until now.

A Drupal powered module.

The Bamboo Twig module provides some Twig extensions with some useful functions and filters aimed to improve the development experience.

Bamboo Twig has a lot of advantages and brings a lot of new features to the Twig landscape of Drupal.
It boosts performance by using lazy loading, improves the code quality with automated workflow. It also includes automated unit and kernel tests to ensure stability.

Use Bamboo Twig if

  • You need to "Format dates using Drupal I118n".
  • You need to "Render a Block".
  • You need to "Render a View".
  • You need to "Render a Region".
  • You need to "Render an Entity with view mode".
  • You need to "Load an Entity".
  • You need to "Render a Field".
  • You need to "Retrieve the current user".
  • You need to "Check permissions or roles".
  • You need to "Render a Form".
  • You need to "Deal with image styles".
  • You need to "Use Token".
  • You need to "Create an absolute URL from a theme".
  • You need to "Retrieve the Extension file from given mimeType".
  • You want to use a twig module which is design to works on multilingual websites.
  • You want to use a twig module that follows all the best practices.
  • You want to use a twig module that ensure stability with tests.
  • You want to use a twig module that is compatible Drupal 8, Drupal 9 & Drupal 10.

Bamboo Twig can do a lot more than that, but perhaps these are some of the obvious uses of Bamboo Twig.

Getting Started

We highly recommend you to install the module using composer.

Check out the official documentation about it.


Check out the official documentation about Bamboo Twig Extensions & usage or read the file on Github.

You may also be interested by this article about Bamboo Twig:


For performances reasons, Bamboo Twig has been split into multiple sub-modules for each topic he provides Twigs.

Bamboo Twig versions

Bamboo Twig is only available for Drupal 8, Drupal 9 and Drupal 10!

  • if you are running Drupal 10.x, use Bamboo Twig 6.0.x.
  • if you are running Drupal 9.x, use Bamboo Twig 5.x.
  • if you are running Drupal 8.9.x, use Bamboo Twig 5.0.
  • if you are running Drupal 8.7.x, use Bamboo Twig 4.x.

Which version should I use?

Drupal Core Bamboo Twig
8.0.x 1.x
8.4.x 2.x
8.7.x 4.x
8.9.x 5.0
9.x 5.x
10.x 6.x


The Drupal version of Bamboo Twig requires nothing !
Feel free to use it.

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Similar modules

At first sight, Bamboo Twig offers similar functionality to the following modules, although Bamboo Twig will normalize the way you use twig in your Drupal project, thus reducing the need to install a bunch of extra modules.

Plus, it adds a lots of functionalities, ensures stability with tests, includes automated quality control and is totally open to contribution via Github or Drupal Issue Queue.

Finally, Bamboo Twig follows all the best practices of Drupal to ensure compatibility with Drupal 9, 10 and more.

Supporting organizations

This project is sponsored by Antistatique. We are a Swiss Web Agency, Visit us at or Contact us.

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