Album Photos

permet à un utilisateur de créer des albums photos.


Status : Published
Projects : Modules
Maintenance status : Actively maintained
Development status : Under active development
Supported Branches : 6.0., 8.x-4., 8.x-5.
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"Album Photos" is an image album module providing multi-user album features. The module development objective is to provide a comprehensive image album solution for Drupal.

The demo site is now running Drupal 10 and Photos 6.0.x!

WARNING: The upgrade/migration path to 6.0.x requires additional setup. See: 8.x-4.x to 6.x upgrade survival guide

Version 6.0.x Highlights

*Recommended for new installs.

  • Fieldable image. The album image is now using the entity API as the PhotosImage entity.
  • Use image field or media field for new images.
  • Add multiple existing media images to albums with: Media Library Form API Element
  • Support for custom view modes.
  • All 4.x highlights (Jeditable replaced by core inline edit).

Version 4.x Highlights

  • Crop images with Crop API and Image Widget Crop.
  • Add image overlay with Image Effects.
  • Option to display image gallery in Colorbox.
  • Use Jeditable to quickly edit image title and description.
  • Upload multiple images and zip files with Plupload.
  • Import images from existing directories.
  • Enhanced support for private file system.
  • Drag and drop to rearrange images.
  • Comment on images.
  • Views integration.

Version 3.x Highlights

  • Integrates with core image styles.
  • Uses Libraries API 2.x for Jeditable.
  • Built in support for Colorbox.
  • Vote on images with Voting API.
  • Comment on images.
  • Built in support for Plupload.
  • Upload multiple images with Plupload.
  • Limit the number of albums created per role.
  • Reads image exif parameters.
  • Nice presentation of the images.
  • Views integration.
  • Support for private file system.
  • Drag and drop interface to rearrange photos and albums to sort by custom weight order.

Photos Access

Included as a sub module. Enable this module to control who has access to the photos and galleries.

  • Create password protected photo galleries.
  • Create galleries with a list of collaborators who can edit the same gallery.
  • Create private / locked galleries that can only be seen / edited by the gallery owner.

photo gallery, image gallery, user managed photo albums

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