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permet d'ajouter un bloc de réseau social


Status : Published
Projects : Modules
Maintenance status : Actively maintained
Development status : Under active development
Supported Branches : 2.0.
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Share buttons for Drupal including AddToAny's universal sharing button, Facebook, Mastodon, Pinterest, WhatsApp, Reddit, SMS, email, and many more.

Vector share buttons use AddToAny SVG sharing icons. AddToAny vector icons load efficiently, are mathematically precise, scalable to any size, and stunning on High-PPI screens such as Retina displays.

Share buttons

  • Universal sharing button
  • Modern SVG sharing buttons
  • Automatic dark mode
  • Elegant Drupal integration
  • Ajax support
  • Display in articles, pages, teasers, blocks, custom nodes
  • Display via custom modules, themes, templates

Share menu dropdown

Any service

  • AddToAny includes many services, and lets you add custom services if you need to
  • AddToAny makes it easy to share via Gmail, Yahoo Mail,, AOL Mail, and any other web-based emailer or desktop email client

Share menu modal

Drupal Optimized

  • The module is optimized to load asynchronously so that all of your content loads before or at the same time as this module's assets under all circumstances. The script is minified, cached and served instantly from a world-class CDN


  • Documentation & Examples
  • Your choice of share buttons with the standard buttons packaged in the module, or you can use buttons of your own
  • Customize the SVG sharing icons by choosing a custom icon color, or using CSS code (for animations, effects, height & width, border-radius, and much more)
  • Choose the colors of the universal share menu
  • Fine-tune the styling of the sharing menu using CSS

Analytics Integration

Localization (i18n)

  • The share menu is translated into over 50 languages
  • Menus are automatically localized based on user's browser/OS settings
  • Most relevant services are displayed first based on locale

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  • 2.0.x - Drupal 9.4+ and Drupal 10+ support
  • 8.x-1.x - Drupal 8 support up to Drupal 9.3
  • 7.x-4.x - Drupal 7 support

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